Dynami:t 24x33cl Näytä suurempana

Dynami:t 24x33cl LV

24 x 0,33L


11,85 €


Määrä24 x 0,33L
Litrahinta1.50 € / L


The delicate tasting Dynami:t nourishes your mind and body, elevates your mood and satisfies your hunger. Dynami:t, which has a new and improved recipe, now contains 10% more caffeine and provides you with even more energy than before. As a bonus, you also get your daily dose of vitamins! A 0.33-litre can satisfies a person's daily need for B-group vitamins (niacin, pantoten acid, B6 and folic acid). Dynami:t is the perfect drink for people who need additional energy to boost up their everyday routine. Due to high contents of caffeine, Dynami:t is not recommended for persons under 16 years of age, pregnant or lactating women and those suffering from caffeine intolerance.? Dynami:t - instant effect.